Frequently asked questions


BOCSi™ is a unique customer satisfaction measuring tool that was developed and refined in Botswana. The developers of the index have unique understanding of the dynamics that go into collecting, collating, analysing and reporting human centered data in Botswana.

Any organization can select a package that suits their needs, desires and budgets. The assessment will be made based on the internal dynamics of the organization as well as the nature of the relationship with its customers and or stakeholders.

BOCSi™ offers its partners an opportunity to cross-reference its balance sheet performance with the perception and experience of its customers and stakeholders. Unlike a suggestion box at service points, a BOCSi™ assessment offers organizations an objective observation of its performance from the viewpoint of its patrons. The assessment often highlights areas of service dissatisfaction as well as obsolete products and policies. Our partners are able to make informed decision on product/policy design, placement and rollout based on the desires of its constituency and not just on perceived international trends. The true value of a BOCSi™ assessment is realised during the second cycle. At this stage a benchmark would have been set and the results of remedial actions can be measured.

EPS has conducted several customer and stakeholder satisfaction surveys over the last few years and have refined its methodology to meet the expectations of its partner clients. As a market research firm, we have a strong track record of delivering scientific findings that were derived from the use of sound data collection approaches, based on statistical models with low margins of error. Team members have solid academic credentials to mirror their years of research experience.

While models of assessing customer satisfaction are similar for most jurisdictions, it is the experience of the researchers with regard to the local landscape that makes BOCSi™ unique. The model we use is a unique adaptation of the ESCI model that places particular emphasis on the relationship between internal staff, the organization and the end user. It is this holistic approach that we feel best articulates the social balance sheet of an organization.

The BOCSi™ scores will be benchmarked against those of organizations in similar sectors and of a similar size that choose to participate. If there are no industry/sector partners to draw comparison with, the inaugural BOCSi™ score will then stand as the organization’s own internal benchmark with which it will relate to in future assessment.